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NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) February 15, 2007 - As Oscar season gets underway, followers of fashion are being urged to monitor celebrities on the red carpet and report any out-of-place bra straps to the Strap Police.

With bra straps transformed from a practicality into a hot fashion item, one Web site has set up a name-and-shame service to out celebrities and other women suffering from "ugly bra strap syndrome."
Margarita Reis, who runs bra company Margarita Couture, said the growing range of bra straps -- from clear plastic to colored, encrusted with Swarovski crystals or decorated with flowers -- meant there was no excuse for women to let worn or discolored bra straps slip into public view.

She has set up the Strap Police on her Web site to help keep unsightly straps out of sight. "Ugly bra strap syndrome is what women get as they dress up and bare their shoulders with an out-of-place strap showing," said Reis, a musician turned bra retailer who is based in Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Reis said she expected to get a lot of feedback.

"I was watching an award show recently and saw a well-known celebrity sporting dirty bra straps underneath a beautiful evening dress - that is a major fashion faux pas!
"If they -- or any of your friends -- are guilty of showing ugly straps then send them a fashion violation from the Strap Police," said Reis.

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Margarita Couture Introduces New Elite™ Pearl Bra Straps

Glistening freshwater pearl bra straps make a ‘pearl-fect’ spring shoulder accessory for brides, bridesmaids, moms and female executives.

PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. April 6, 2007 — America’s largest fashion bra strap supplier introduces an elegant new strap sure to glam up spring fashion – Elite™ Pearl bra straps by Margarita Couture.

Retailing at $35 per pair and adorned with 100 imported genuine freshwater pearls, these luxurious bra straps are part of the company’s Elite™ collection. The straps are lightweight and fit comfortably on the shoulders thanks to an adjustable jewelry strap backing which enables the wearer to tweak their level of support. A velvet pouch for safekeeping and jewelry box style packaging is included.

Elite™ Pearl bra straps easily hook onto any convertible style bra, including the company’s Evolution by Margarita bra- a $44 five-in one push-up which has become famous for its ability to produce eye-popping cleavage in an instant.
The straps will be available for purchase later this month at With much success, the company has been test marketing the straps to shoppers at Margarita Couture branded kiosk locations at prominent Florida Malls.

"Pearls are making a fashion comeback, appealing to women of all ages,” explains designer Margarita Reis. “We've noticed brides-to-be and female executives have instantly been drawn to them at our retail kiosks. Boomers especially have taken to this fresh, new twist on a classic fashion item,” she adds. The company also admits that the new pearl straps were in part consumer-driven. “Listening and reacting to customer requests has always been a priority for Margarita Couture. We’ve had quite a few inquiries from brides-to-be seeking a quality pearl strap that would be appropriate to wear under a wedding dress- as a fashionable solution for added bust support,” explains Jeff Reis, director of marketing. “We researched the finest quality, most lustrous pearls we could find, while still managing to keep the straps at an affordable price point. The result is a superior pair of fashion straps that are elegant and classic."

Designer Margarita Reis is available for bra strap makeover segments. For more information, to schedule an interview, or to request high resolution photos of new Elite™ Pearl bra straps, please contact Alissa Beerthuis at The Gab Group 561-750-3500 or email

About Margarita Couture:
Margarita Reis first pioneered the concept of decorative bra straps in 2001. Margarita Couture (formerly known as Bra Straps Inc.) and online website has steadily grown from a two person company based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to a global supplier of over 90 styles of decorative bra straps designed to match any look, from strapless gowns and boat neck tees, to revealing halters and now wedding gowns.

Reis has also received national recognition for coining the term “Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome™”, which she characterizes as a common fashion faux pas that predominantly occurs in the summer months when women are more apt to reveal worn, discolored bra straps. She is also founder of “The Strap Police” where customers can send fashion violation citations to bra strap offenders and frequently appears on QVC. The company currently operates four kiosk locations in top Florida malls and is looking to further expand to Northern Florida and out-of-state locations within the year.

Margarita Couture is also the sole designer, creator and manufacturer of the bestselling Evolution by Margarita™ bra, a five-in-one multitasking convertible bra specifically designed to create the illusion of natural looking cosmetic breast implants. The bra is the first to ever be endorsed by a pioneering plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Man.

Boca Raton, FL., October 12, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale based company to open first kiosk at Broward Mall on August 18th.

First 50 attendees to arrive will receive complimentary Bra Strap Makeovers

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Contact: Jeff Reis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL., August 10, 2006 — Fort Lauderdale based is taking its successful line of fashionable bra straps to malls near you. This August 18th, the company will be opening its very first kiosk in the Broward Mills Mall in South Florida and invites women of all ages to participate in free “Bra Strap Makeovers”. First 50 customers to arrive will be gifted with a pair of clear fashion straps in exchange for turning in a pair of worn, discolored bra straps.

“We are extremely excited for the launch of our very first kiosk,“ says Marketing Director Jeff Reis. “We hope this new kiosk will serve as a “correctional facility” of sorts for repeat bra straps offenders, providing education, advice and affordable options for the art of properly accessorizing using fashion bra straps.” designer and founder Margarita Reis explains that just like shoes, pairing the wrong bra straps with your top can ruin a fashion look. “The chic, fashion forward straps offered at our new kiosk location in the Broward Mall will provide sensible and exciting fashion alternatives for women looking to dress up, dress down, or not dress at all.”

The Broward Mall kiosk will house all of the company’s straps which carry a suggested retail price of $8-$45. Sigrid Gold, leasing chair head for the Broward Mills Mall says “I am excited about the addition of to our Mall program as we look for special, unique products and Margarita Couture’s line is just that!” also plans on opening up kiosks in other Mall locations in South Florida in the near future to further accommodate customers in this market.

Founded in 2001, Margarita’s Couture, the parent company of, is arguably the founder of the fashion bra strap industry. The company has grown into America’s largest fashion bra straps manufacturer offering over 70 different bra strap styles including clear, adorned, beaded, specialty bra straps and the world’s most luxurious bra straps— Elite by Margarita - sparkly, Swarovski crystal-encrusted bra straps featuring between 144-344 crystals per pair.

“What started out as a small company in Fort Lauderdale has blossomed into such a presence in the national market that even big lingerie chain stores, are now emerging with decorative bra straps.” Reis says.

For more information on the new kiosk location or to arrange an interview with founders Margarita and Jeff Reis, please contact Michelle Soudry at 561-750-3500 or email

Version en Español:
En Agosto 18, la compañia basada en Ft. Lauderdale abrira un kiosko en el Broward Mall
Las primeras 50 personas recibiran un Makeover de Tirantes gratis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Agosto 10, 2006 — La compañia basada en Fort Lauderdale presenta su exitosa linea de tirantes de brasier en centros comerciales. Este 18 de Agosto, la compañía abrira su primer kiosko de en el Broward Mall e invita a mujeres de todas las edades a participar en un “Makeover de Tirantes”. Las primeras 50 personas que se acerquen recibiran un pair de tirantes transparentes completamente gratis a cambio de un pair de sus tirantes usados, feos o descolorados.

“Estamos muy emocionados con el lanzamiento de nuestro primer local comercial de,“ dice el Director de Mercadeo Jeff Reis. “Esperamos que este nuevo kiosko sirva como una especie de “correccional” para aquellos que cometan infracciones con sus tirantes, ofreciendo educacion, consejos y opciones economicas para el arte de vestir bien.”
La diseñadora y fundadora de, Margarita Reis, explica que al igual que los zapatos, combinar los tirantes equivocados con un top puede aruinar un look completo. “Estos innovativos y glamorosos tirantes ofrecidos en nuestro kiosko en el Broward Mall proveeran alternativas exclusivas y renovadoras para las mujeres que buscan embellecer o descomplicar sus atuendos o simplemente sentirse sexy en su ropa interior.”

El kiosko en el Broward Mall tendrá toda la colección de la compañía la cual ofrece precios entre $8-$45. Sigrid Gold, cabeza general de inquilinos para el Broward Mills Mall dice “Estoy entusiasmada con la adición de a nuestro centro comercial ya que siempre estamos en busqueda de productos unicos y originales para nuestro programa y la linea de Margarita Couture es exactamente eso!”

Proximamente tambien abrirá nuevos kioskos en otros centros comerciales en el sur de Florida para acomodar a sus clientes en estos mercados.

Fundada en el 2001, la empresa filial de, Margarita Couture, es la fundadora de la industria de tirantes para la moda. La compañía se ha convertido en el productor más grande de tirantes para brasier en América contando con mas de 70 estilos diferentes incluyendo transparentes, adornados, y con bisuteria, ademas de los tirantes mas lujosos del mundo – Elite By Margarita – Relucientes y brillantes cristales de Swarovski con 144 a 344 cristales por par.

“Lo que empezo como una pequeña compañía en Fort Lauderdale ha florecido con tal precencia en el mercado nacional que hasta las grandes compañias de ropa interior estan ahora ofreciendo tirantes decorados.” Dice Reis.

Para mas información acerca del local comercial o para arreglar entrevistas con los fundadores de, Margarita y Jeff Reis, porfavor contactar a Michelle Soudry al 561-750-3500 o por email



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Contact: Jeff Reis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, July 18, 2006-- maven Margarita Reis is reaching out to women, teens and tweens to let them know that it isn’t okay to reveal worn, discolored bra straps this summer.

“Summertime is prime season for Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome,” explains Reis. “Women need to realize that bras and bra straps do have an expiration date. Exposing discolored or worn bra straps underneath a sleeveless tank is a major fashion don’t”!

“The right bra strap can enhance your outfit and our new Elite by Margarita fashion straps, which feature between 150 to 344 individual Swarovski crystals per pair, can really make an outfit.”

Reis also cautions spray tanners to beware of tan solution rubbing off onto bra straps. Though a temporary dye is used in fake tanning lotions and sprays, she explains that frequent ‘fake baking’ can permanently discolor bra straps.
She suggests that avid tanners designate an inexpensive bra strictly for post-tanning and that they keep a healthy supply of replacement or fashion straps on hand to avoid being caught exposing discolored straps.

“Once women start to think of bra straps as a reflection of their fashion identity, they’ll discover a whole new way of accessorizing,” says Reis. Reis’s top strap picks for Summer 2006 include the following:

Replacement Straps: Bra straps that are intended to be replacement straps for your bra. Replace straps once a month and even more frequently in the summertime. Available in classic and thin sizes, Turquoise, Pink, Green, Yellow and Khaki replacement straps are big summer sellers since they add a pop of color to your summer tanks. Clear, Pink and White are our most popular classic straps. Retail: $8.99-$9.99 per pair.

Fashion Straps: Decorative bra straps that work as fashion accessories to your outfit. Wear them day or night. This summer, Silver Glitter straps and Butterfly Straps will be popular with tweens. Adults should try our Beaded, Daisy or Gold Glitter Straps and Diamond or Pearl straps. Glow in the dark straps are also popular summer sellers for nights on the town. Retail: $8.99 to $18.99 per pair.

Specialty Straps: New Elite by Margarita crystal bra straps feature between 150 to 344 individual Swarovski crystals. Reis explains that these “bling bling” bra straps are fancy enough to be worn under a sexy top and also add an elegant touch to evening gowns and wedding dresses. Retail: $35-$45. founder Margarita Reis is available for bra strap makeover segments. To request an interview, high resolution product images or samples, please contact Michelle Soudry at The Gab Group 561-750-3500 or email

About and parent company Margarita Couture is currently the largest fashion strap supplier in the US housing over 70 different styles ranging from $8 to $45. Most recently, the company was featured on QVC, nearly selling out a quantity of over 20,000 fashion bra strap units in 6 minutes. They plan on revisiting the network this Summer
Margarita Couture is also the originator of Evolution by Margarita, the world’s first five-in-one convertible bra designed to mimic the appearance of cosmetic breast implants. All products lines may be viewed at

Version en Español:

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Julio 18, 2006-- Margarita Reis, la diseñadora de se dirige a las mujeres de todas las edades para aconsejarles que en este verano no esta bien dejar ver los tirantes del brasier gastados y decolorados.

“El verano es la estacion mas popular para el conocido “Sindrome de los tirantes feos” explica Reis. “Las mujeres necesitan darse cuenta de que los brassieres y sus tirantas tienen fecha de expiracion. Mostrar tirantes gastados o decolorados bajo una blusa sin mangas es una de las faltas mas comunes en la moda actual!”

“Usar los tirantes adecuados puede resaltar cualquier atuendo y nuestros nuevos tirantes de moda Elite by Margarita que llevan entre 150 y 344 cristales de Swarovsky por par, pueden realmente rehacer el look de un atuendo.”

Reis tambien advierte ser muy cuidadosas con los bronceadores atomizados para que no se manchen los tirantes. Aunque en los bronceados artificiales proporcionan un color temporal, ella explica que el frecuente tinte del bronceado artificial puede manchar los tirantes terriblemente. Ella sugiere que las fervientes amantes del bronceado dediquen un brassiere economico estrictamente para el pos-bronceado y que mantengan a la mano un buen surtido de tirantes de reemplazo o decorativos para evitar ser sorprendidas mostrando tirantes feos o decolorados.

“Una vez las mujeres comiencen a pensar en los tirantes para brasier como un reflejo de su identidad, descubriran una forma totalmente novedosa de accesorizar” dice Reis.

Las Tendencias para el 2006 incluyen los siguientes:
Tirantes De Reemplazo: Son tirantes destinados a usarse para reemplazar los tirantes de su brasier. Reemplace sus tirantes una vez al mes y aun con mas frecuencia durante el verano. Los hay disponibles en diseños clásico y delgado. Los tirantes delgados en colores Turqueza, Rosado, Verde, Amarillo y Kaki son los mas populares para el verano pues le dan un toque de color a sus camisillas. Los tirantes transparentes, o en color Blanco o Rosado son los tirantes clasicos mas populares. Precio: $8.99 a $9.99 por par.

Tirantes Decorativos: Son tirantes diseñados para usar como accesorios para su atuendo. Se pueden usar de día o de noche. Los tirantes the escarcha Plateada o con Mariposas son populares entre las jovencitas. Las mujeres en general pueden usar tirantes con mostacillas, Margaritas o de escarcha Dorada, o tambien los de diamantillos o Perlas. Los tirantes que brillan en la oscuridad son también muy populares en el verano para usar de noche en la ciudad. Precio: $8.99 a $18.99 por par.

Tirantes Especiales: Son los nuevos tirantes Elite by Margarita, que llevan entre 150 y 344 cristales individuales de Swarovsky. Reis explica que estos tirantes “bling bling” son suficientemente elegantes para llevar con una camisilla sexy y añaden también un toque de elegancia a los vestidos de noche o de boda. Precio al Detal: $35 a $45 por par.
La fundadora de, Margarita Reis, está disponible segmentos de Makeover. Para solicitar una entrevista, imágenes de alta resolución o muestras, por favor contactar a Michelle Soudry en The Gab Group (561)750-3500 o por email a

Sobre y su filial Margarita Couture es actualmente la más grande suplidora de tirantes para brasier en los Estados Unidos con más de 70 estilos diferentes, con precios entre los $8 a los $45. Recientemente la compañía se presentó en QVC, vendiendo aproximadamente 20.000 tirantes en 6 minutos. La compañia planea visitar nuevamente la cadena este verano.

Margarita Couture es también la compañia originadora del Evolution by Margarita, el primer brasier convertible cinco-en-uno, diseñado para semejar la apariencia de la cirujía plástica de senos. Toda la línea de productos puede verse en la página


Margarita Couture Unleashes Elite™ by Margarita:
New Sexy Sparkly Bra Straps Crystallized by Swarovski

PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL., December 6, 2005-- From the makers of the boob-job bra comes a sparkling new invention: crystallized bra straps that add sexy sparkle to your shoulders this holiday season.

Called Elite™ by Margarita, these new jeweled bra straps, adorned with genuine Swarovski Austrian crystals are available in four distinct styles: single, double, four strand and oval, ranging from $50-$75 retail per pair.

“We’ve taken the concept of beautiful jewelry and tailored it for your shoulders,” says Margarita Reis, designer for Margarita Couture and the new Elite™ Strap Collection.

“Elite™ jewelry straps make an ideal gift choice for everyday, holiday and Valentine’s Day. They are a glamorous step above our popular fashion bra strap collections; perfect to peek through a tank and dress up jeans or wear with an evening dress.


This season is all about sexy sparkle, and these new straps are guaranteed to keep all eyes on you.”
Elite™ jewelry straps easily hook-on to any convertible style bra (Evolution by Margarita™ bra included) and feature over 13 inches of crystals and 4 inches of adjustable silver jewelry chain that is hypoallergenic and nickel free. “Customers can expect to get a comfortable fit that can instantly be adjusted to suit all shoulders,” says Jeff Reis, Director of Marketing.

“We like to think of bra straps as an extension of your fashion closet,” says Margarita.
Fashion straps are fashion accessories. They essentially become part of your outfit for better or worse. I was watching an award show just the other day and caught a well-known celebrity sporting dirty bra straps underneath a beautiful evening dress - this is a major fashion don’t!” adds Margarita Reis.

Elite™ jewelry straps are on sale now and retail for $50-75 per pair. The straps are smooth to the touch and easily attach onto any convertible style bra (Evolution by Margarita™ bra included) Elite™ straps arrive encased in an elegant jewelry box with added pouch for safekeeping and storage. Available exclusively for purchase at Store details to follow.
For more information, to schedule an interview, or to request high resolution photos of the new Elite™ bra strap collection and gift box, please contact Michelle Soudry at 561-750-3500 or email

About Margarita Couture: Formerly known as Brastraps Inc., Margarita Couture is recognized as the leading fashion accessory bra strap manufacturer in the US, supplying over 90 different styles ranging from glow-in-the dark to beaded, clear, crystal-studded and more.

The company is also the sole designer, creator and manufacturer of the bestselling Evolution by Margarita™ Bra. Evolution is a five-in-one multitasking convertible bra specifically designed to create the appearance of cosmetic breast implants. The bra is the first ever to be endorsed by a pioneering plastic surgeon,
Dr. Daniel Man.



PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. November 21, 2005
--“She’d like to buy another D,” is the phrase most commonly heard these days at the busy Ft. Lauderdale headquarters of
The e-commerce website, which achieved success with the introduction of fashion accessory bra straps, has hooked a new winner with Evolution by Margarita, the world’s first bra designed to mimic the appearance of cosmetic breast implants.

Six weeks after Evolution’s April 2005 introduction, the initial round of breast enhancing bras, over 2000 of them, quickly sold out and a 2 month waiting list formed for A and D cup sizes. When over 250 requests for larger sizes started pouring in, Margarita and Jeff Reis, the Ft. Lauderdale design duo behind what’s been coined ‘the boob-job bra’ answered the call to action by offering DD cup sizes and a new color: Nude.

“Sizes 34 and 36 B, C and D are Evolution’s most popular sellers with sizes 36, 38 and 40 DD being most requested. We realized that we were underselling the market by not offering larger cup sizes. Our larger bras will offer an excellent lift and improved shape, without necessarily increasing size.” says Jeff Reis, Marketing Director at Margarita Couture, Evolution’s newly named parent company.

Click here for larger image

Plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Man says the quickly selling bras are not a surprise.

“Plastic surgery and the desire to appear cosmetically enhanced is still a burgeoning trend. We perform hundreds of breast augmentations yearly on women who aren’t satisfied with what they have. Women with smaller chests want to look larger. Women with larger chests want to appear more lifted. Many women have larger breasts but with an undesirable shape. Their breasts may be bottom heavy, which contributes to “saggy breasts”. Having breasts that are “top heavy” results in great Jessica Simpson-type cleavage, and that’s the look that many women are going for these days. The graduated cup in the Evolution bra produces just the right "uplift" to any type of existing breast tissue.”

“We had no idea Evolution would achieve this much success so quickly, especially with D and DD cups, “says designer Margarita Reis, who initially created the bra for smaller-busted women seeking the look of cosmetic breast implants.
”Our mission with this bra was to provide an excellent lift and separation. Evolution was initially
designed to fit like a glove and we’ve now made sure that it does just that for women of all sizes and shapes,” she adds.

Nude Sells
Beyond the super-sized cups, Evolution by Margarita is now available in nude.
“We initially introduced Evolution in black and white only, with the hopes that if we succeeded, we’d be able to expand the line to include other colors. Nude is a popular color with the US market, and at a later point we’ll be venturing into fashion colors.” says Jeff Reis.

Evolution by Margarita, the revolutionary five-in-one underwire convertible bra is now available in sizes 32 A through 40 DD and colors black, white and new nude. Endorsed by pioneering plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Man, the bra features a graduated cup specifically designed to maximize the existing breast tissue by lifting and separating each breast, providing the coveted ‘separated lift’ associated with a good pair of cosmetic breast implants.

All sizes retail for $44 each and include one breast-enhancing bra, three strap styles: clear, classic and extended halter; liquid lifting pads that easily insert into the cups for women who desire additional cleavage. A reusable silk pouch is also included to easily store bra and accessories in one convenient place. Available for purchase at To request high resolution photos or a press sample, please contact Michelle Soudry at 561-750-3500 or email

Evolution by Margarita hits stores summer 2005

PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 21, 2005--Women who lust after the look of cosmetic breast implants can strap on an eye-fooling alternative this summer with the new Evolution by Margarita bra, designed by founder Margarita Reis.

Evolution is a revolutionary five-in-one underwire convertible bra made of a smooth microfiber nylon/Lycra spandex mix. It features a sculpted, graduated cup specially designed to mimic the appearance of cosmetic breast implants by lifting and slightly separating each breast to appear fuller and firmer both in and out of clothing.

The bra can be worn in five different ways: halter, low back halter, two strap, clear two-strap and racer back and comes with three types of straps including classic, super clear and low-back halter for use with backless dresses. Evolution also includes liquid lifting pads that easily insert into the cups for women who want additional cleavage. The entire package comes in a reusable silk pouch which easily stores bra and accessories in one convenient place.

“We’ve simplified the bra shopping process to one step- Evolution. Whether you have implants or want to look like you have them, Evolution is the perfect bra for everyday use and it will work its magic on anything, from summer tees to formal evening gowns. Because you can wear it in five different ways, it really is the only bra a woman will ever need, “says designer Margarita Reis.

“The best bra should lift and separate each breast, so that your chest doesn’t wind up looking like your derriere. Many of our patients, even those with breast implants say they appreciate the extra lift and attractive look delivered by the Evolution bra,” says Daniel Man, MD a board certified plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. He is the originator of the quick recovery breast augmentation procedure.

“Evolution literally fools the eye into thinking you’re perfectly endowed and is the quintessential bra to wear under summer tanks and body hugging fabrics”, says Marketing Director Jeff Reis.

“Most importantly, it works with all of our fashion accessory bra straps styles available at to offer women over 90 different looks,“ says Reis. “No matter what you’re wearing, we’ve got a strap to match the outfit.”

Evolution by Margarita retails for $44 and is available in sizes 32A through 38D at and specialty stores nationwide.

A high resolution image of the Evolution bra is available at For press samples, please contact Michelle Soudry at

About is a US based company and the world’s largest supplier of fashion accessory bra strap styles founded by singer/songwriter Margarita Reis in 2001 with the simple goal of giving women around the world the ability to accessorize their bras with a variety of bra straps to match any outfit. Evolution by Margarita is the first bra to be released by the company this year.

About Daniel Man, MD., P.A.: Dr. Daniel Man is a pioneer in advanced cosmetic surgery procedures including quick recovery breast augmentation, more natural face, neck/forehead and eye lifts, advanced liposuction techniques, laser surgery and skin rejuvenation peels. He has been recognized for his contributions to the advancement of plastic surgery as well as his charitable and humanitarian achievements. He is the author of The New Art of Man: Faces of Plastic Surgery available online at

Editors Note:
Nearly 334,052 women underwent breast augmentation in 2004 according to a study reported by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. More information is available at


WEAR A BRA IN THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON AND WALK FOR A CURE helps raise money for breast cancer research by providing bras and specialty bra straps to women participating in annual race

PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis

MIAMI, FL November 3, today announced that it will join the fight against breast cancer by donating bras and bra straps to everyone walking this year’s New York City marathon on behalf of Walk the Walk, an England based charity committed to raising funds for breast cancer research as well as holistic cancer care. The charity is well known for its volunteers who power walk the race each year in a variety of bras in order to support breast cancer research and treatment.

"I think that this is a great way to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research, and I’m happy that we can contribute in some way to support this wonderful organization," said Margarita Reis, CEO and founder of"

Volunteers participating in this year’s marathon should be easily identifiable by their colorful bras and pink butterfly bra straps, all of which were chosen by Reis in order to attract the most attention. Said Reis on her choice of bra strap, “I chose this particular strap because butterflies symbolize new beginnings and hope. The goal is to get people who are watching the race to see these women and become curious enough to learn more, and even maybe participate the following year.”

Bra Straps, Inc. is a Florida based company that offers the largest selection of high quality fashion bra straps on the Internet to both the end user and wholesale markets. The company's motto, "Fashion with Attitude", is based on the premise that every woman should be able to express themselves with their own unique attitude, which is reflected in the variety of both standard and custom bra straps offered on the company's web site. For more information, please visit


Fashion bra strap company helps liberate women nationwide from ugly, unsightly bra straps by allowing them to exchange their old straps for free clear bra straps.

PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis

MIAMI, FL April 17, 2004
--On the heels of last year's wildly successful bra strap trade in program, is back once again to help combat another widespread outbreak of "Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome". The condition affects women around the country during the summer months when they trade their sweaters and turtlenecks for tank tops and sleeveless shirts.

With warm weather right around the corner, the company has no time to lose before the sight of ugly bra straps fills beaches, malls, and everywhere in between. Beginning May 1st, 2004, the company is inviting all affected women to come to for an effective and simple solution: mail in a set of old bra straps and receive a new set of invisible clear bra straps in return.

"The response last year was overwhelming, and we expect this year to be even stronger," said Margarita Reis, CEO and founder of "Women of all ages from 15 to 82 sent in their old straps by the hundreds each week, many with kind notes thanking us for offering them a new alternative. We hope to reach out to even more women this summer in an effort to educate them on their bra strap fashion options."

As with last year's program, the first 500 women who mail in a pair of their old bra straps will receive a free pair of clear bra straps, compliments of The straps, which feature durable metal hooks and are made from a comfortable blend of transparent polyurethane, will be sent via first class mail. For women who don't own a bra with removable bra straps, a do-it-yourself quick conversion guide is available on the company's web site at Participating women should send a pair of their old bra straps along with their first and last name, address, and email address to:
Bra Straps, Inc. Attn: UBSS Exchange Program 1580 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway Suite 130 Sunrise, FL 33323

Margarita Couture. is a Florida based company that offers the largest selection of high quality fashion bra straps to customers around the world. From New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between, the company's products allow women to express themselves with their own unique attitude. For more information, please visit

BUY A PAIR OF PINK BRA STRAPS AND HELP SAVE A LIFE to donate $1 for every pair of pink bra straps sold during the month of October to breast cancer research

MIAMI FL, OCT 1, today announced that it will join the fight against breast cancer by donating $1 for every pair of pink bra straps it sells during the month of October to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. Additionally, the company will be donating over 200 pairs of pink straps for "Bust Out Miami", an American Cancer Society breast cancer awareness event that will be held on October 23, 2003.

"We're proud to do whatever we can to help find a cure for this terrible disease," said Margarita Reis, CEO and founder of "Although progress is being made on finding a cure, there is still a long way to go. With October being breast cancer awareness month, we wanted to do something to remind women who visit our site to have themselves checked regularly in order to promote early detection and treatment."

Bra Straps, Inc. is a Florida based company that offers the largest selection of high quality fashion bra straps on the Internet to both the end user and wholesale markets. The company's motto, "Fashion with Attitude", is based on the premise that every woman should be able to express themselves with their own unique attitude, which is reflected in the variety of both standard and custom bra straps offered on the company's web site. For more information, please visit




PR and Press Information
Contact: Jeff Reis
MIAMI, FL OCT 23, 2003--Bust Out Miami is a bra-inspired fundraising event to benefit the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Enjoy an evening of cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, feminine fashion and a magnificent display of spectularly decorated bras and bustiers designed by local artist and celebrities which will be part of a silent auction. All proceeds support the American Cancer Society's breast cancer research, programs and services.


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