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< Strap it up girl!

Jennifer Love Hewitt dares to
bare her bra straps at a premiere event. Although the white on white combination provides a clean matching look, perhaps next time she'll move a little closer to the fashion edge with a pair of fabric bra straps that match her choker necklace.

Thank you, thank you... I love my straps too!

ABOVE - Gwen knows that contrasting strap colors are in, and nothing says it better than a yellow tank top with red bra straps!

LEFT - Gwen Stefani proves once again that black bra straps under a white shirt look great just as long as they match her lipstick.


< Strappin at the Golden Globes!

Diane Lane looks gorgeous in a stunning gown complimented by black fabric straps. It just goes to show that your bra straps can accompany you as a fashion statement on any occasion.

Rocking out with Avril! >

From the red carpet to rock music, bra straps are out in full force, as clearly demonstrated here by music sensation Avril Lavigne. It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you and your bra straps are rocking on!


It's all for Janet!

Janet Jackson shows us what's happening underneath in this promo photo. It looks like she doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with her black lace bra straps.

Frequently asked questions
about bra straps:

1. Is it ok if my straps are showing?
2. Should all bra straps be invisible?
3. How do I pick the right color?
4. How do I wear the bra straps if I don't have a strapless bra?
5. Are white straps allowed?

Clearly Pink!
Pink is seen here "coming out" in a video with a pair of clear bra straps. Don't be afraid to wear your straps with attitude

< King of Straps

Jamie King shows us how to get in shape and look great at the same time. Red is a power color, which Jamie clearly demonstrates in this picture.


Frequently asked questions
about bra straps:

6. Can I change the straps in my favorite bra?
7. What should I wear with a halter top?
8. How do I place the bra straps on my bra?
9. Do these bra straps break?
10. What size are the bra straps?

Underneath Shakira...>

The hip shaking Latin diva gives us a peek underneath her clothes while showing off a white pair of bra straps.

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